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Why CzechLang?

At Czechlang, we try to achieve our main goal – to get you speaking Czech – by personal and relaxed approach. Because we are a relatively small group of teachers, we can devote special attention to everyone's needs and possible struggles during the course.

However, compared to other Czech language schools, we offer even more benefits:
    1. When you are unable to attend an attended lesson of yours, you do not pay for its cancellation
    1. We understand that national holidays in your country may be different and thus ignore all typical Czech days off. You do not have to pay extra money to have a Czech lesson during those days.
    1. All materials our teachers bring to the lessons are already included in the price of the course and can be kept by you.
    1. Our teachers are responsible for their own transportation to and back from the lesson and you naturally do not have to pay for it.
  • We have several years of experience with Czech language teaching. We have had many different students – both individuals from all over the world and big businesses, such as:
    1. Microsoft
    1. Skype
    1. T-Mobile
    1. Institute for language and training at the Charles University
    1. Embassies of: Israel, Poland, Peru
    1. ČEZ a.s.
    1. Telefonica O2
    1. Hewlett Packard
    1. GE International
    1. AHOLD a.s.
    1. Language schools: Polyglot, Glossa, Caledonian School, Excellent
    1. Clifford Chance
    1. Basf
    1. .. and many more happy individual students
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